Safety & Nutrition

Safety is our number 1 priority.

We know how important your child’s safety is. We take it very seriously and have many measures in place. Please ask our administrative team about these safety measures when you come in.

First Aid and CPR

All staff members are required to have CPR and First Aid certifications. All classrooms, outdoor spaces, and vehicles are designed with safety and security in mind. Although scraped knees and small bumps are a part of growing up, you can be sure your child will be loved and cared for by our trained staff members.

Security and Surveillance

All of our centers have secure entrances and exits. Only authorized staff and families will have access to the building and all visitors must be accompanied by the administration. Our staff has been vetted through Level II background screen and criminal history.

Please talk to your center director for any further information you may need for your peace of mind.

Belcher Road Location

We’re thrilled to be able to say that we are located next to Dunedin Fire Station #62. Talk about safety!


We have an eco-friendly air purification system that uses cutting-edge ultraviolet and electrostatic technology to help remove airborne germs, bacteria, and contaminants (such as pollen and mold). All bathroom lavatories are equipped with touchless faucets and towel dispensers. We strive to minimize the number of germs that are spread from child to child to reduce interruptions in your busy life.


Surveillance cameras are installed in each interior room and specific exterior areas. The viewing monitors are located in the office area to allow constant observation by the Director and staff members. We have an open-door policy and parents are always welcome to visit and observe their child anytime.


Morning and afternoon snacks are included with tuition. We have an optional lunch program for a separate fee or you can bring your child’s lunch. We are a peanut, nut, and shellfish-free school. Children eat at the table together in a family-style environment. This creates bonding among the children and teaches them table manners and social skills while ensuring they have a nutritious, healthy lunch.


Bright Beginnings welcomes parent suggestions and because we are not a franchise or corporate owned center, we have the flexibility to put those ideas into action. We partner with you, our families, and we rely on your feedback and ideas.


Our facilities have hired cleaning companies to come in every night to sweep, mop and sanitize our surfaces. Our teachers will also clean classrooms as needed with cleaning supplies locked away at all times unless needed while the children are out of the classroom. Toys are sanitized throughout the day, and we have children wash their hands multiple times a day, it is built into their daily activities.


It is important for all staff to be prepared for every situation. We undergo extensive training and have a plan in place for any and all situations that can occur. We have monthly drills to prepare not just the teachers but all the children in case of real emergencies.


Children will inevitably get sick as they are in constant contact with each other. We try to limit the spread of germs through constant handwashing and sanitizing of high-touch zones. We monitor for any symptoms and will send children home to decrease the spread of any illness.